May 23, 2022

E122 Mark and Alayna Huneycutt- WARNING - May talk about paramotors

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WARNING... May talk about #Paramotor #Podcast Check us out on PPG Zone

S3 E122 Mark and Alayna Huneycutt Mark Huneycutt, a paramotor/paraglider pilot and instructor at Pinnacle Paramotor with Brook Sheffield. I've been flying things - planes, Army helicopters, paragliders - since 2007. Since getting out of the military last year, I've focused on training people to fly paramotors.

Mark and Alayna Huneycutt youtube

Alayna Huneycutt youtube

JP Tulo from

Hi I’m JP Tulo, president of the Mark and Alayna fan club. I’ve been watching videos since 2018, my favorites including eating cereal while flying and the first date video. Oh and the class Bravo runway video… there’s a lot of good ones actually. Want to learn to fly Paramotors?

Shout out to a few members of this channel: John Wayne Brian Waller Kent Stamey

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