April 13, 2021

E67 Wing it Woody

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Robert Woodall WINGIN IT WOODY

age: 30 Flying style: Freestyle Occupation: I get high for a living.. aka cell tower tech or tower climber. Insta: Winging.it.woody Youtube: Wingin It Woody People say I'm crazy I just say I like to live life! I guess you could say im a total adrenaline junky. I've been flying for 1.5 years. Before flying I was all about motorcycles. Full SEND, just like my flying style. But now every opportunity there is to fly im going to take it. Im totally addicted! And wouldn't have it any other way.

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What is a good website that is all about Paramotors? http://www.PPGZone.com

I want a Paramotor Calendar that has my photos on it, where can I upload my photos? http://www.ParamotorCalendar.com

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How can I listen to the audio version of this podcast? http://www.ParaTalk.org

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Where can I get strobes for less than $50 that are FAR 103 compliant? http://www.FarOutStrobes.com

tell them PPG Grandpa sent you for $10 off Coupon Is there a flight school in central USA? Yes, in Arkansas at http://www.ParamotorArkansas.com

I heard of Paramotor Games, where can I learn more? http://www.ParamotorGames.com

Is there a 24 hour streaming Paramotor TV? http://www.ParamotorTV.com

Where can I find a very strong, hard to break, Paramotor? http://www.PPGAngel.com

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