June 27, 2022

Ep 126 Jeremy Howe - May talk about Paramotors

Ep 126 Jeremy Howe

Jeremy has always wanted to fly. He found paramotoring on YouTube’s recommended videos section while at Michigan State University in 2015. Over the years, his paramotor obsession grew & grew. He graduated university, got a job in corporate finance, & could finally afford to get into ppg. He signed up for paramotor training in May 2019 with Mike Cotter, Justin Fox, & Bob Harris of FlyMIPPG. After training he bought a Parajet Maverick with the Atom 80 and a 24M Ozone Mojo Pwr 1. He joined a local group of experienced paramotor people in Kankakee IL. He flew with them for a season and moved back home to Michigan. He’s been flying all over Michigan ever since. He currently flies his 24M Mojo Pwr 1 & 20M BGD Luna 2. He has ~150 flights (~100 hrs) and has taken a SIV with Andy Fuller & Bill Dolbow at Skylab. You can find him flying around metro Detroit, Michigan fly-ins, or on a yearly winter ppg trip to Florida. Jeremy has an Instagram account where he pretends to be cool like everyone else on social media. He posts a lot of paramotor pictures & clips there. @look.how.cool.i.am Talking points: -training (cost / benefit analysis of training vs self training) -glider selection -flying an atom 80 at 185lbs -experience at Skylab siv / throwing a reserve -flying progression -fly ins -trips to Florida -gear setup and accessories -safety and baby steps progression -flying over / around water -flying next to international borders -flying in winter / snow -landing in a farm field due to bad weather and hitch hiking back to my car -barely crashing into my car on launch -airbox falling off in flight -other mistakes I’ve made (sitting down too early on launch, butt landing, turtling, object fixation, catching a line in the prop after an aborted launch, friction knot after launch, flying with a broken kill switch) -favorite YouTube people -onewheels -other hobbies, snowboarding / snowboard racing, fishing, jet skies, traveling, disc golf, my dog. -flying from a busy airport & keeping lzs happy -pulling big ears -changing from polini throttle to offgrid aviation throttle / first impressions -anything economics / investing. i have a degree in finance and work at a big bank. -seeing (initially hearing) Lindy’s tandem flight at torchport Short term goals: -ppg2 / ppg3 ratings -use speed bar during ppg -wingtip bump -flying around a balloon festival next weekend / dbad -upgrade to a moster 185 -execute a paramotor video idea -fly over ocean beaches

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