September 14, 2022

Ep 135 Victor Dramba Paramotor podcast

Victor Dramba


I'm a software engineer, I'm from Romania. For the last two years I've been living in my RV trailer, traveling USA, working, flying PG and PPG, kiteboarding, hiking, canyoning, surfing, whatnot. I did my PPG training with Midwest Parajet in 2019 and I have P3 free flight rating. I have equal passion for both PG and PPG, and traveling around allowed me to fly diverse, sometimes spectacular landscapes. Canyons, mountains, lakes, desert, dunes, beaches. My favorite state in US so far: Utah. Came in for 2 weeks to get my free flight rating with Cloud 9, one year later I was still in Utah. There's so much natural beauty, so much to explore in the state. I'm sharing this amazing adventure with my wife, Manuela. She flies too, but mainly PG, the motor is a bit heavy for her. Right now we're crossing California, slowly heading towards Lake Tahoe, where my biggest future adventure begins mid September: I subscribed for the Wingman Challenge, 1100 miles on paramotor.

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Sean had over 300 flights his first 12 months of flying ... Sean also completed 3 SIV clinics between 2019 and 2021


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