October 21, 2022

Ep 141 Avery Colburn - $2500 New Paramotor - AirJet BLE 170 - Hot Air Ballons

Ep 141 Avery Colburn - $2500 New Paramotor - AirJet BLE 170 - PPG Grandpas Paramotor Podcast

Hi, I'm Avery, I'm 27. My parents are both hot air balloon pilots, and I've been flying anything I can since I was 4 months old. I was first introduced to ppg when someone foot launched along side a hot air balloon flight I was crewing for, then rediscovered it watching Tucker. In 2019 I taught myself kiting, then went to Mojo's Flight School in Charlotte NC and got PPG2 rated. My first flight was in February 2022, and I'm coming up on 80 flights and 30 hours. I have a fascination with flying on the bare minimum of power and I'm most famous for my Chinese AliExpress paramotor saga.

YouTube: Avery Flies

Instagram: thisguyaves www.Open-Gauge.com

I designed and built a flight instrument with gps and barometer for people that don't want to risk their cell phone Tucker Gott style. The plans and code are free and open source for anyone to build.

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Who is PPG Grandpa? Sean Symons also known as PPG Grandpa has been flying paramotors since 2019. He is based in Conway Arkansas and is part of the Little Rock Flyers club. He runs a paramotor podcast which first aired January 2020 at http://www.ParaTalk.org

Sean owns www.ParamotorCollege.com

and Runs a Paramotor Flight School in Conway Arkansas. Learn how to fly at www.ParamotorArkansas.com

flight school.

Connect with Sean on FB at: www.FaceBook.com/ShawnFitness

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