March 17, 2021

E63 Interviewing the clear prop TV panel and guests

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Sean Symons

Paramotor TV

3900 Dave Ward Dr Suite 1900 #101

Conway AR 72034 *******************************************************************

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Questions and Answers

What is a good website that is all about Paramotors?

I want a Paramotor Calendar that has my photos on it, where can I upload my photos?

Where are all the fly in?

Where can you find pilots around you?

Where are all the Paramotor Podcasts?

How can I give gifts to the show?

Where can I find the PPG Forums?

Is there a Paramotor College?

I want to shop Paramotor Wings, where do I go?

I want to shop Paramotor Motors, where do I go?

Where can I find Paramotor Throttles?

Where can I find a Paramotor Harness?

I need a new prop or get my prop fixed, where do I go?

I want to look at different Paramotor Frames, where do I look?

How can I listen to the audio version of this podcast?

I want to get strong and workout, is there a PPG Bootcamp?

Where can I get strobes for less than $50 that are FAR 103 compliant?

tell them PPG Grandpa sent you for $10 off Coupon

Is there a flight school in central USA? Yes, in Arkansas at

I heard of Paramotor Games, where can I learn more?

Is there a 24 hour streaming Paramotor TV?


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