October 28, 2022

Ep 142 Jon Alan - Wind Pirate PPG - Running for Secretary of the USPPA

Ep 142 - Jon Alan - Running for Secretary of the USPPA - PPG Grandpas Paramotor Podcast

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Growing up on a ranch in rural Idaho close to friends and family that owned GA aircraft sparked my love of all things aviation. My best memories are of climbing into those aircraft every opportunity I had. My chance to fly came 15 years ago when my Dad and I bought a hang glider trike. When I moved to Maricops Arizona 9 years ago I was excited to find AirParamo right down the street from my house! I took one flight and was instantly hooked. After saving money for years I was able to purchase a paramotor and my journey began. In 2015 I became an assistant instructor with Mo at AirParamo and eventually ventured out on my own starting WindPirate PPG. My dad had a saddle and custom leather shop so I was already very familiar with commercial sewing. Failing to find any high quality covers on the market at the time for my paramotor I decided to make one. Others in my flight group were impressed and the orders started coming in. I began making and selling custom paramotor covers, kiting harnesses and other items. After finishing my apprenticeship with Mo in 2017, I began training and providing paramotor equipment full time by traveling to the Northwest in the summer and training in Arizona in the winter. Last year I purchased 40 acres near Tombstone Arizona to put in a full service paramotor flight Park and am currently running for Secretary of the USPPA.

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